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If I have cracks in my pavement will pressure washing damage or worsen my driveway?

Absolutely not. Pressure washers have settings based on something called PSI. This stands for

Are the chemicals used in pressure washing harmful to me or my house?

If you don’t plan on licking your home seconds after we apply chemical pressure washing, then you’ll be just fine. Chemical washing is also only used with the permission of the customer. You may choose washing with or without chemicals and one of our consultants will give you information on either option.

Can't I just rent equipment and pressure wash myself?

Absolutely. Many places allow people to rent equipment for DIY pressure washing. However, without the knowledge and caution it can be dangerous and harmful to your property if not handled correctly. Hiring a professional ensures safety and that the job will be done properly.  But don’t just take our word for it, do the research and decide for yourself.

Do I need to be present during my scheduled service?

Not at all. Whether out or at home we provide our services at your desired time. At Tsunami we have a very flexible schedule and can work with whatever fits your needs.

How many people are included with my service?

Most of all our jobs are done solely by Tsunami’s founder. This is how we manage to have such low pricing. However, larger and more extensive work may require additional employees that are well trained and experienced within the company.

What's with the tiny truck?

It’s cute, right? We’ve imported this adorable Honda Acty from Japan and use it to provide our services. Although smaller than the average truck it acts as an efficient means of transportation as well as the perfect attention grabber to promote our business.

Do I get anything for referring people?

We are currently working on a promotional program for just that! We’ll have free service add on’s for referrals and reviews. Check back soon for these upcoming promotions!

After a cleaning is there anything I can do to prevent grime and mold build-up?

Yes and no. Due to weather, dirt, and mother nature in general it’s impossible to keep pavement and properties squeaky clean all the time. Yet, there are products you can buy to make the clean last a little longer. Click this link to learn more:

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently our two preferred forms of payment are cash and checks. At this time we are unable to take credit card. We can also accept PayPal and Quick Pay through Zelle with selected banks.

Why did you choose the name "Tsunami"?

We have a Japanese truck. Our cleaning is as powerful as a tsunami. It just fits. We want to sell a service that’s just as excellent as it is memorable. In other words, we like to make a splash.

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